Debt Syndication

Assisting clients in bridging the divide.

At Synthesis, we work with clients to develop and implement custom solutions to their specific Debt Financing needs. We collaborate with Banks, NBFCs, Funds and Financial Sponsors across geographies to originate and structure deals. We have a special focus on the real-estate sector, helping developers with their specific financial needs.

Our capabilities span the entire spectrum of Debt Financing including:

•  Arranging & Underwriting of Debt Capital

•  Leveraged Loans

•  Bonds and Debentures

•  Bridge Financing

•  Mezzanine Debt

•  Acquisition Financing

•  Pre-IPO Financing

•  Project Funding including Origination, Structuring and Syndication

Innovation in Debt syndication

Businesses are often funded by own capital and borrowed capital. Most borrowings are from banks and other financial institutions. However, there are some critical questions that you need to ask yourself while taking debt capital;

•  What happens after you take a loan?

•  Are you sure, that the bank charges you the same rate of interest, as per sanction letter? Have you cross checked?

•  How many details you submit to a bank, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually?

•  Do you know the ageing of your customers? (the delay in payment)

•  Do you plan your balance sheets and cash flows, in advance, for bank submissions?

•  How about a review of quarterly projections vs actual?

•  Do you prepare data in advance for 'external credit rating'?

•  Have you planned for annual renewal and enhancement of funding limits?

Understanding your need for financial management we have introduced an end-to-end tracking system for a sound debt position called ‘TRACK’, that will Monitor, Consult and Execute all activities related to meeting all debt-related compliance requirements of banks/ financial institutions and, for enhancing the overall debt rating and eligibility through prudent financial management.

At Synthesis, we offer expertise that are custom made to suit your debt requirements and help you maximize on cost, time and convenience.

The detailed services offered under ‘Track’ can be enumerated as follows:

i. Monthly preparation of Drawing Power Statement Timely compliance submissions lead to favorable account outlook
ii. Monthly Debtors and Creditors ageing with analysis
iii. Preparation of QIS and Half Yearly information statements
iv. Preparation of the quarterly project progress reports (for term loans only, if required by the bank) Tracking these expenses and plug in any mismatches for any deviation from the sanctioned charges.
v. Revenue Leakage Audit of Bank charges, Bank commissions and Interest Proactive approach during Stock Audit expedites the process & helps submit an accurate report
vi. Facilitating the Stock Audit by attending the audit, representing the client and resolving the queries Accurate presentation of data during the credit rating facilitates a favourable rating
vii. Data Preparation for the annual external credit rating Tracking the renewal dates for working capital facilities ensures timely submissions and hence, timely sanctions.
viii. Preparation, submission and completion of the annual renewal cum Enhancement proposal, including drafting CMA etc
ix. Annual Balance Sheet planning on lines with the projections submitted to the bank Tracking Achieved targets versus Projected targets, on a constant basis, essential for smooth disbursals
x. Progressive quarterly reviews of the business (turnover and profitability) and suggestions for remedial measures
xi. Procuring competitive quotes for Buyers Credit on best effort basis from facilitators (facilitators fee to be borne by the client) Negotiating best interest rates, commissions and other charges help curtail expenses
xii. Procuring competitive quotes for LC discounting on best effort basis from facilitators (facilitators fee to be borne by the client)
xiii. Monitoring the account churn and the account conduct Impeccable financial management leads to a credible debt position and smooth and cost-effective funding.
xiv. Meeting all data requirements for Adhoc limits required (if any)
xv. General consultancy on all debt related matters

We provide clients with strategic advice at each stage of capital raise, working closely with every stakeholder to ensure client success.

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