Risk, Compliance and Governance

Business risks are the factors that could prevent or hinder the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. Business risks facing an organization can be wide-ranging and diverse. The ultimate business risk any organization faces is the risk that it seizes to be a going concern. Business risks therefore comprise any factors that may contribute towards business failure. We help enhance your business performance by building strong risk management processes and this enables you to minimise negative outcomes so that you can explore business opportunities without risk.

•  Internal audit

•  Corporate law advisory

•  Management advisory

•  Development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and process manuals

•  Fixed assets management

•  Support in cost reductions

•  Revenue assurance

•  Risk assurance

•  Regulatory compliance assessments

•  Risk based internal audit

•  Review of IT controls

•  Internal financial control compliances

•  Transaction support services

•  MIS reporting

•  Budget variance analysis

•  Transaction related opinion

•  Corporate social responsibilities

•  Succession planning

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