At Synthesis we help our clients measure, analyze and report on a broad range of valuation issues. With over 70 professionals with cross functional expertise and experience across Accounting, Company Secretarial Services, Law, Management and Engineering, you can be assured of the best advice and counsel that will help you assess the true potential of your business under diverse scenarios.

Our services include:

•  Business/Asset Valuation

•  Tax/FEMA Valuation

•  Financial Instrument Valuation

Business/Asset Valuation

During the life cycle of the Businesses, certain milestones are achieved through different one time strategic actions like M&A, Joint Ventures, Fund Investments, Business Restructuring, etc. Fair and rationale assessment of underlying Business or Asset is key to the long-term success of such Strategic actions.

Synthesis has expertise in the following;

•  Business entities and interest’s valuation for financial reporting

•  Deal Valuations during Investment and M&A Transaction

•  Business/Asset/Segment wise Valuations for Restructuring cases

•  Valuation scenarios building for formation or the splitting up of Joint Ventures, Collaborations etc.

•  Intangible assets including Concession Agreements, Business Contracts, intellectual property, patents, trademarks, copyrights, covenants-not- to-compete, and other contractual relationships valuation

•  Real estate valuation under different ownership structures

Tax/FEMA Valuation

Tax strategies are becoming increasingly complex and are highly scrutinized by regulatory authorities worldwide. Many tax laws and regulations now stipulate that a valuation is required before implementation. Moreover, each cross-border transaction is governed by Indian Foreign Exchange regulations. Capital account transactions involving Equity or Equity linked instruments are subject to strict pricing norms based on fair valuation principles.

Synthesis specializes in tax as well as Foreign Exchange valuation-related consulting. We help companies to navigate an environment of changing laws and shifting regulations by offering skilled expertise for forming strategies.

Regulatory Valuation services include;

•  Purchase price allocations

•  Business and legal entity valuation

•  Valuation for cross border transactions as per Foreign Exchange regulations

•  Tax restructuring valuations

•  Valuation for specific Tax Assessment/Scrutiny/Disputes cases

Financial Instrument Valuation

Today’s investment options are not restricted to plain equity or debt but extend to various complex instruments having mix of equity and debt structures. During the deal making process, expectations of different stakeholders are managed by issue of such structured financial instruments customised to the specific deal.

Synthesis helps assess, measure and mitigate the risk by providing valuation in financial instruments such as;

•  Equity

•  Debt Instruments

•  Preferred Stock

•  Futures & Options

•  Warrants and Embedded Derivatives

•  Hybrid Securities

•  Swaps

•  Convertible Securities

•  Derivatives

•  Structured Notes and Promissory Notes

•  Loan Guarantees

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